Monday, September 5, 2011

More Pictures of the Prospective Location

Guess we should look into reserving the building! I e-mailed a Parks Department lady at the beginning of the year asking if we could take a look inside or something, but she was rather unhelpful and we didn't have any solid plans yet, so I just put it off.

front of the lodge
We've still been putting it off, not so much because of the unhelpful Parks Department lady, but more because I lost my job before we were "ready," so we don't have much of a money cushion. I was hoping someone would donate by now... all we really need is one person to step up and start. I'll have to make a chart or something to put over there by the donate button. :)  I was also planning on advertising with Google because I received $75 worth of advertising for free in the mail. I had made the ad and everything, but I used the word "LOVE" in all capitals so it was denied, and I just haven't gotten around to making another one yet. Gotta get on that too!

doorway is safe from rain!
If you don't have any money to donate, contact me and maybe you can still help out another way. Lisa from our local Self-Reliant Community offered to make decorations, take photos, and help out some. Treavor's sister offered to take pictures too, but she's not sure if she's going to make it. The owner of the awesome tea shop we go to offered to help us too, and she said she'd bring tea! :D Our friends, Northwest Roads, also offered to perform! We're looking for more people to play music, too. I'll work on more solid "plans" so we actually have some idea of what we need help with.

no shortage of light in the doorway either!
Honestly at the moment monetary donations are what is needed most though. There's no set amount - you can donate $1, $3.50, $5, $11.11, $20, $1,000 - seriously any amount you want. It's through PayPal, which is the most secure way to use money online. Additionally we have a giveaway going on, so you'll get a yummy little thank-you gift worth up to like $20, depending on how much you donate. More info on that coming soon as well.

Above is a snapshot of what it will cost to use the building at this park, not including $150+ refundable deposit and whatever it would cost to get a permit to have alcoholic beverages if we choose to do that. Not sure how much room we'll need though - we're not sure how many guests we'll have yet. Not sure if we'll need the kitchen, either, hmm...

Anyway! On with more pictures from this awesome park! I love this place. (Although I do admit I wish they hadn't torn down the awesome wood/metal playground... Safety shmafety! Kids don't need to live in plastic bubbles. The playground wasn't falling apart or anything! But I digress.)

Hope you enjoyed the little tour. :) There's a horse arena, so feel free to bring horsies! That would be cute. :D I don't think they can join us in the lodge though. So many spots begging for wedding photos. So many 11's too, this MUST be the place! E-mail has been sent to Parks & Rec lady again, asking if the place is available on 11/11/11. Cross your fingers!


  1. WAH, so many pictures~!

    I'd donate to the cause if I could, fellow soldier, 'cept I only have two bucks in my account right now and [DERP Company] hasn't paid me yet. They're a week or so late and I got bills to pay m'self.

    ON THE OTHER HAAAAAND, the moment I get some cash freed up, it'd pro'lly only be a coupla bucks but I'll happily hook y'all up.

    Just...make sure to keep the e-mail anonymous if yer gonna post it up, or just keep it between us, yes? I'm trustin' you guys with personal information here.

  2. @That Bastard From Bellingham~
    of course, i won't give out your email ^_^ if you donate and I get your actual physical address, i'll totally send you a thank-you gift too :D

  3. Really pretty and really expensive!! You should have gotten married last year when I wasn't so poor, but 11/11/11 .... wish I could be there. -- Your mother. (PS the anonymous comment on the other pictures was me, too)