About Us & The Giveaway

Thanks for visiting our site!

Treavor and I have been together for over 5 years now, we have 2 kids together, and have a great relationship. It's not without its bumps and bruises, but we really try our best to communicate effectively, and that makes our relationship really strong.

We have actually considered ourselves "married" since almost the day we became a couple. We just don't believe that the government or the church really has anything to do with marriage. We've also been upset that same-sex couples are not allowed to "legally marry" in most places. So we just decided to not "legally marry" - it wasn't a big deal to us and maybe just the act of not doing what's expected could help others.


One very special date is coming upon us - November 11, 2011 - 11/11/11. The number 11, or 11:11, or 111, has been special to us since the beginning of our relationship. We don't necessarily believe any one thing about these numbers, but they are special enough that we just cannot bring ourselves to pass up this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

I just lost my job as a medical transcriptionist in June, and Treavor is on disabilitity from the United States Air Force. We've been scraping by financially (we're on or way to becoming minimalists, so it's not too hard), but we don't have much extra money for a nice wedding party.

So we thought we'd set up a donation, complete with a giveaway, to help raise funds. We're not expecting much - and we imagine that mostly our friends and family will donate. But if you've never met us before and you're intrigued, we'll totally welcome your help! I've never worked with a Paypal donate button before, so I'm not exactly sure how it will work, there is definitely a giveaway!

Like I said, we don't have high expectations, and so far we are planning on just going to the courthouse in the morning (right around 11:11 of course) and then just having a nice potluck wedding party at a beautiful venue (which we still need to reserve! eek!). We're not planning on a fancy, normal wedding. But it would be nice to have add some pretty touches, and of course for me to wear a pretty dress. :)

Giveaway details!
Like I said, not sure how it will work. If you donate $5 or more and I have access to your name or e-mail address, I'll contact you and get an address to send you a treat in the mail. More details on that later, but I can tell you it will a non-perishable food item. :D If it works, the more you donate, the fancier your treat. :D At this time, we're planning on giving away $75 worth of non-perishable goodies.

But, if it turns out I can't access information about who's donating, it will be a random giveaway once we raise our first $100. I'll let you guys know ASAP. Until further notice, if you donate, please leave a comment with an email address where I can contact you, or email me at TechnicolorTypecast(at-->)gmail.com.

If for some reason we receive a few hundred more than we use for that day, that will go toward "wedding presents." (We will not be accepting physical gifts).

In the unlikely event that we receive $1000 or more than we spend, we will donate it to a great sustainable group in Cascadia (the Pacific Northwest region of North America), or multiple local Cascadian groups.

Thanks again for visiting, reading, and hopefully donating too! We're looking forward to sharing with those who donate!